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Civil Society Procurement Monitoring (CSPM) Tool

This tool is designed to support Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in their efforts to recognize the red flags of corruption in public procurement. The tool has the following components: a procurement monitoring guide, country-specific monitoring guides, a monitoring assistant; a learning community, and online training.

Motivating Business to Counter Corruption: A Global Survey on Anti-Corruption Incentives and Sanctions

This global survey of 223 international anti-corruption experts examines: (1) the assessment of anti-corruption incentives and sanctions in motivating businesses to counter corruption; (2) the importance of different stakeholders in setting anti-corruption incentives and sanctions for businesses; and (3) the impact of different commercial & operational, legal and reputational incentives and sanctions on businesses. Detailed results are recorded according to experts’ stakeholder affiliation (business sector, public sector, civil society) and regional affiliation (Americas, Asia & the Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa).

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