Local Governance

What are local governance assessments?

In the context of anti-corruption, we define local governance assessments as those tools which aim to (a) assess the institutional framework for promoting integrity and combating corruption at the sub-national level, or (b) diagnose corruption and/or corruption risks within local government systems. The scope of these tools encompasses all political or administrative units below the national government (regions, provinces and municipalities).

The focus of such assessments is broadly on corruption/anti-corruption in public administration. In this sense, approaches to local governance assessment have much in common with public integrity approaches. However, given the proximity of local officials to citizens at sub-national level, more bottom-up assessment approaches, in particular social accountability1 and sectoral2 tools, are also of great relevance to the local level.

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1 See the Social Accountability Topic Guide (coming soon)
2 See the Education, Health & Water Topic Guide


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